EBWPC PAC's Election Endorsements


The EBWPC Political Action Committee (PAC) endorses candidates and ballot measures on our bottom line issues and supports endorsed campaigns with volunteer activities and financially. We are grateful to our donors whose support gives us the tools to fulfill our mission.

Thank you to all of the candidates that present at our Endorsement Meetings and to our members that attend and vote. Candidates must meet a 60% threshold of present voting members to receive the EBWPC PAC endorsement.  

Support for Endorsed Candidates

Endorsed candidates will receive support from EBWPC PAC to help them get elected. The PAC Board determines levels of support based on a number of variables, such as the number of women on the elected body, number of women in the race, competitiveness of the race, etc.

·    Use of name and logo on campaign & promotional items

·    Inclusion in EBWPC PAC election materials

·    Inclusion in EBWPC PAC slate cards

·    Financial contributions

·    Sponsored canvassing, phone-banking & GOTV

Please email us with any questions or comments at ebwpcpac@gmail.com.

Thank you for participating in our Endorsement Process.