November 2016 Endorsements

Thank you to all of the candidates who presented at our meeting on Sunday, August 28th and to our members that attended and voted.

Below, you will find the results from the meeting.

Candidates must meet a 60% threshold of present voting members to receive the EBWPC PAC endorsement.


President of the United States: Hillary Clinton

Contra Costa Board of Supervisors, District 3: Diane Burgis

Berkeley Mayor: No Endorsement

Berkeley City Council District 2: No Endorsement

Berkeley City Council District 3: No Position

Berkeley City Council District 5: No Position

Berkeley City Council District 6: Susan Wengraf

Berkeley School Board At Large: Judy Appel & Beatriz Leyva-Cutler

Berkeley Rent Board: Leah Simon-Weisberg

Emeryville City Council: Brynnda Collins & Ally Medina

Emeryville School Board: Barbara Inch

Oakland City Council At Large: No Position

Oakland City Council District 3: Lynette McElheney

Oakland City Council District 5: No Position

Oakland City Council District 7: No Position

Oakland School Board District 1: Jody London

Oakland School Board District 3: No Position

Oakland School Board District 5: Rosie Torres

Oakland City Attorney: Barbara Parker

Piedmont City Council: Jennifer Cavenaugh

Piedmont School Board: Andrea Swenson

Alameda City Council: Malia Vella

Alameda School Board: Gray Harris & Jennifer Williams

Fremont City Council: Laurie Manuel

Fremont School Board: Ann Crosbie & Desrie Campbell

Pleasanton City Council: No Position

Pleasanton Board of Education: No Position

Union City Mayor: Carol Dutra-Vernaci

Livermore City Council: Laureen Turner

Castro Valley School Board: Jo Loss

Dublin School Board: Amy Miller

San Lorenzo Board of Education: Penny Peck

Peralta Community College District 6: Karen Weinstein

Hayward Board of Education: No Endorsement

New Haven Board of Education: Sharan Kaur

Washington Healthcare District: Pat Danielson & Chitra Ramanathan

East Bay Regional Parks District 2: Audree Jones-Taylor

East Bay Regional Parks Ward 4: Ellen Corbett

AC Transit At Large: No Position

BART District 3: Rebecca Saltzman

BART District 7: Lateefah Simon

Oro Loma Sanitary District: Diana Souza (Full Term) & Rita Duncan (Short Term)

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    2016 Primary Election Endorsement Meeting


    EBWPC PAC 2016 Primary Election Endorsements


    The EBWPC PAC Primary Election endorsement meeting is Saturday, March 26 from 12pm to 5pm at I-SEEED 1625 Clay St, Oakland, CA 94612. We will be considering a number of races in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. 



    The EBWPC Political Action Committee (PAC) endorses candidates and ballot measures on our bottom line issues and supports endorsed campaigns with volunteer activities and financially. We are grateful to our donors whose support gives us the tools to fulfill our mission.


    Please note your race's scheduled time for March 26. All candidates (or candidate proxy) must arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled interview. 


    For County Central Committee Candidates: You have 1 minute for your statement


    For All Other Candidates: You will have 2 minutes for your opening statement, 2 minutes for your closing statement and 1 minute for responses to the audience's questions during Q&A


    1:00pm                U.S. Congressional, District 13


    1:05pm               County Central Committees

    Contra Costa District 1

    Contra Costa District 2

    Alameda County District 15

    Alameda County District 18

    Alameda County District 25

    1:35pm                BREAK

    1:40pm                Alameda County Superior Court

    District 1

    District 2

    District 14 

    2:00pm                Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors

    District 3

    District 5

    2:30pm                Alameda County Board of Education, Area 2

    2:40pm                Water Agency, Zone 7

    2:45pm                BREAK

    3:00pm                California State Senate, District 9

    3:20pm                BREAK

    3:30pm                California State Assembly

    District 16

    District 15

    District 14

    3:55pm             Hayward City Council

    4:15pm             Endorsement Process Closing Remarks

    4:30pm             Member Discussion

    5:00pm             Last Call for Ballots


    Key Dates

    March 23 by MIDNIGHT - Extended deadline for Questionnaire Submissions

    March 25 by 12n - Deadline for candidates to confirm participation in forum

    March 26 - Endorsement meeting from 1-5pm (See Details Below)

    March 28 - Endorsement results released

    April 11 - Endorsed candidates notified of expressions of support


    Our Process 

    After the filing deadline, EBWPC PAC sends all filed candidates, in races where a woman is running, a questionnaire to complete. Our questionnaire gives candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves to the organization and to mutually determine whether they meet the EBWPC PAC's bottom line issues. Candidates who submit their questionnaire timely and, importantly, meet our bottom line issues will be considered for the endorsement. They are then invited to speak before our membership at an endorsement forum and vote.


    To candidates appearing on the November 2016 General Election ballot: You will be invited to participate in an endorsement process in August 2016. Questionnaires will be sent out following the filing deadline on August 12, 2016.


    Gaining our Endorsement

    Importantly, EBWPC PAC endorses women candidates only. Men candidates are invited to complete the questionnaire and may be eligible to speak before members, pending a number of factors.


    A 60% threshold is needed from members attending the endorsement meeting to secure EBWPC PAC's endorsement. Votes are tallied the same day as the endorsement meeting. Candidates are notified within 24 hours. Endorsement results are posted the following Monday.


    Voting Eligibility

    In order to vote, EBWPC PAC members must be in good standing and new members must join at least 30 days before voting takes place (February 26, 2016).


    Support for Endorsed Candidates

    Endorsed candidates will receive support from EBWPC PAC to help them get elected. The PAC Board determines levels of support based on a number of variables, such as the number of women on the elected body, number of women in the race, competitiveness of the race, etc.

    ·    Use of name and logo on campaign & promotional items

    ·    Inclusion in EBWPC PAC election materials

    ·    Inclusion in EBWPC PAC slate cards

    ·    Financial contributions

    ·    Sponsored canvassing, phone-banking & GOTV

    Please email us with any questions or comments at


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